Washington D.C. GED Requirements

For adults who were not in the position to complete their regular high school education, the District of Columbia offers the GED® (General Education Development) high school equivalency option.

The GED exam includes four separate subtests that must be completed within a time frame of two years.

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Washinton D.C. High School Equivalency Testing Requirements

In D.C., GED test-takers must be

  • at least 18 years of age. Applicants 16 or 17 years old must meet strict requirements such as having parental consent and permission from their school district
  • not holding a high school diploma or equivalency
  • Washington D.C. residents
  • not already registered for some other school program

So the Washington D.C. GED exam is only open to state residents. The D.C. GED exam costs $120, or $30 per individual subtest. As said above, you have the liberty to prepare for, pay for, and take one subtest when you feel ready to do so.

The GED exam is modular. This means you can take one or more of the four subtests (or modules) at a time. The four tests need to be completed, though, within a 2-year period. The GED tests are measured on a 100-200 scale. The passing score is 145. 145-164 is the HS equivalency score; 165-174 is the college-ready score and when your score is in the 175-200 range, you will additionally receive extra college credits.

The most recent GED edition (2014 Series) is done totally on a computer, paper-and-pencil testing is a thing of the past. This actually makes sense as today, practically all entry-level positions require at least basic computer and keyboarding competencies.

So basic computer literacy is absolutely needed to be successful in just about any position in the job market. The four GED subtests (or modules) cover the academic fields of  Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Across the nation, the GED credential is accepted as equivalent to a standard HS diploma and apart from qualifying for better jobs, holders of the degree will also be able to get on with their education in university or college. GED graduates generally are making at least $9.500 more annually than workers who don’t hold the degree.

The GED test is NOT available online. GED testing must be done at one of Washington DC’s official GED testing centers in person and don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID. The GED is the equivalency of a common high school diploma and accepted by the vast majority of North American educational institutions, government agencies, and employers.

To register for the GED test, go to GED.com, and create a personal account at MyGED. Here, you can schedule and pay for your tests.

Washington D.C. does not require applicants to first take a GED prep course or a practice test but please bear in mind that the computer-formatted GED is a very challenging exam.

Getting optimally prepared is absolutely needed and the passing score is set up in such a way that around 40 percent of all HS graduates would not be able to pass the tests on the first try!

So attend a physical  GED prep class course in your community or sign up for a good and well-structured online GED prep course. If you need any accommodation, you should apply for that in a timely manner on the official website GED. com or ask your local GED test center for assistance.