South Dakota GED Requirements

For adults who could not complete their high school education, South Dakota offers the GED® exam for the state’s high school equivalency (HSE) testing program. The General Education Development (GED) exam contains four separate subtests (modules) that don’t need to be taken in one session.

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South Dakota High School Equivalency Testing Requirements

  • South Dakota’s minimum GED testing age is 18. Test takers 16 and 17 years old must have permission from the school district and hold parental consent.
  • Applicants cannot already hold a high school or equivalent diploma.
  • Applicants cannot be registered for another educational program
  • The South Dakota GED fee is $130 for all four tests or $32.50 per testing subject. At retakes, the fee is reduced by $20 per subtest.
  • There is NO South Dakota residency requirement.

So the South Dakota GED exam is not only open to state residents.

The GED subtests are measured on a 100-200 scale where 145 is the passing score. A score between 145  and 164 indicates HS equivalency, a 165-174 score indicates college-readiness, and a score between 175 and 200 will additionally result in extra college credits.

You can take them individually within a two-year period of time. The GED exam is done exclusively on a computer and the latest version was rolled out across America at the beginning of 2014. So paper-and-pencil-based GED testing is a thing of the past.

Actually, this makes a lot of sense as most jobs today ask for at least basic keyboarding and computer skills. The four GED modules are in the academic fields of Language Arts, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Social Studies.

The GED diploma is all across North America accepted just like a regular high school diploma by employers and schools of higher education. Holders of the GED degree will surely qualify for better jobs and they can go on with their academic education in university or college.

Workers with a GED diploma make at least $9.600 more annually than workers without the degree. The GED tests can NOT be taken online. Test takers are required to come to an official South Dakota GED testing center and take the four tests in person.

The GED diploma is the equivalency of a standard HS diploma and recognized as such by educational institutions and employers.

The GED exam had become modular which means that you can sit for one of the four subtests (modules) at a time.

To be able to take a GED test, you must create an account on This is also the place for test scheduling and making payments.

In South Dakota, you are not required to first take a GED practice test, but as the GED tests are rather challenging, proper preparation is crucial! You are strongly advised to attend a GED prep class in your area or sign up for a good GED prep course over the internet. In case you require some accommodation, apply so in a timely manner via the website or ask a GED testing center near you for help.