South Carolina GED Requirements

To earn the South Carolina HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, you will need to pass the four subtests of the GED® exam or the five subtests of the TASC exam.

These are the two options available in South Carolina for adults who never completed high school.

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South Carolina GED Requirements

  • Minimum age: 19 years. Applicants 17 and 18 years old could also qualify, but they need parental consent and permission from their school district.
  • The South Carolina GED fee is $150 (or $37,50 per subtest). The TASC exam is slightly cheaper.
  • Applicants must be South Carolina residents.
  • Applicants don’t have a high school diploma.
  • Applicants are not registered for any other school program.

The GED exam has become modular, meaning you can take (and pay for) one of the subtests at a time. The five TASC subtests can also be taken separately.

The GED test has four individual subtests that are measured on a 100-200 scale. The required minimum score is 145. The HS equivalency score is 145-164. The 165-174 range indicates you are college-ready. If your score is in the 175-200 range, you additionally will get college credits.

The five TASC subtests are scores on a scale up to 800 and the passing score is 500 on each subtest and you must attain at least a 2-score for your essay. So your total score cannot be under 2500. Not all South Carolina testing centers administer both the TASC and the GED so get in touch with a testing center near you for details.

The HSE exam gives them the chance to earn a credential that is all over North America recognized as equivalent to a standard high school diploma.

The General Education Development (GED) exam is entirely computer-based whereas the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) is offered in both a computerized and a paper-based format.

The GED contains four individual subtests in the subject areas Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Science. The TASC includes five subject area tests as the Literacy part comes with separate reading and writing tests.

If you hold the South Carolina HSE Diploma, you will surely get better job options and the diploma also qualifies you for a university or college education.

South Carolina does not require you to take a pre-test first, but both the GED and TASC are challenging exams so you should get as prepared as you possibly can!

All over South Carolina, you can find numerous locations where you can get all set for one of the exams, and you can also sign up for a well-structured online GED-TASC prep course. Most physical class locations offer preparation at no charge at all.

The GED and TASC tests need to be done at official South Carolina HSE testing sites, there is NO online option to take the exam online. In case you require any accommodation, please apply for that in a timely manner.

Go to the website of GED Testing Services,, and create your personal account at MyGED. This is also the place for scheduling your tests and there is a wealth of information about the job market, colleges, and so on. You can also ask your local testing center for assistance.