Covcel Social Studies GED Program

Before we explain in details how Covcel GED Social Studies Prep works, check this video to learn what’s required to pass the GED Social Studies test.

Video Lessons, Quizzes, and Quick Study Guides

The Covcel GED® Social Studies program includes video lessons, practice quizzes, quick study guides, and test-taking strategies.  Here is a list of modules that are included in the program.

Updated for 2018

  • Introduction to Social Studies GED Prep
  • Tactics & Strategies -19 lessons
  • Essential Government And Civics-15 lessons
  • Essential U.S. History -21 lessons
  • Essential Economics-7 lessons
  • Essential Geography- 5 lessons
  • Essential World History-11 lessons
  • Optional Government And Civics-4 Lessons
  • Optional U.S. History-14 Lessons
  • Optional Geography-3 Lessons
  • Optional Economics4 Lessons
  • Optional World History-18 Lessons
  • Social Studies Quick Study Guides

Difference between Essential and Extra lessons:

  • Essential lessons will make a significant difference in your ability to pass the GED Social Studies Test.
  • Extra lessons are optional; they will help you to get an even better score and get familiar with more Social Studies topics.

How Covcel GED Social Studies Prep Works

The Covcel GED Social Studies Prep program is divided into topics sincluding U.S. History, World History, Government & Civics, Geography, and Economics.

Within each module are several lessons designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of everything you need to know to successfully pass the GED Social Studies test.

Each lesson contains helpful, engaging, easy to understand, and concise videos to teach the topic as well as a written transcript. You can watch the videos as many times as necessary.

Video Lessons Key Features

Each lesson provides bite-sized packets of information which are easily digestible and adhere to Covcel ’s “principle of small steps” that promotes setting and achieving short-term goals en route to long-term goals. This type of instruction reduces the chance of the student becoming overwhelmed and losing motivation.

Finally, because of how the Covcel GED Social Studies Prep program is laid out, you can study only those topics you need without wasting valuable time and energy on subject matter with which you are already familiar.

Tactics and Strategies

At the start of the Social Studies course there is a handy and very useful “Tactics & Strategies” module that offers helpful information such as how the Social Studies GED test is structured, with which historical documents you should be familiar, how to read and interpret graphs and other data charts, the different types of questions on the test—cause/effect, conflicting viewpoints, and implications and inferences, for example—and how to determine the main idea of a particular passage.

Similar to other GED Programs from Covcel, these strategies provide a clear overview of how to systematically approach the GED Social Studies test to obtain the best results.

Quizzes and Practice Tests

At the end of each lesson is a short quiz designed to test what you just learned, and at the conclusion of each module, there are one or more practice tests with questions structured similarly to the actual GED test. You can immediately review your answers following the test, and you can retake the test as many times as you want to ensure you are ready for the GED Social Studies test.

One of Covcel’s trademark options with its full GED prep program is the opportunity to track your progress and review prior answers. With this helpful tool, you can view all of your previous and current scores, see your achievements, and remain motivated.

Study Plan

There is a second module—a lesson plan—that provides a sample of how you can prepare for the Social Studies GED test. This module offers helpful information about when to study and which topics to tackle in order to stay on track and remain motivated without feeling overwhelmed. Of course, this guideline is simply that: a guideline. You are free to adapt it and see how it fits you in order to become optimally prepared to successfully pass the GED Social Studies test toward finally obtaining your HSE certificate.

The Next Step

Making the decision to pursue your GED certificate can be daunting, intimidating, and somewhat scary, especially if you have been out of the classroom for a while. With our increasingly busy schedules trying to balance work, family, and recreation, it may seem as though taking the time to achieve this important goal is impossible; however, with Covcel ’s individualized, easy, and fun materials, this goal could be yours sooner than you think.

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