Covcel RLA GED Program

Before we explain in details how Covcel GED RLA Prep works, check this video to learn what’s required to pass the GED RLA test.

Video Lessons, Quizzes and Strategies

The Covcel GED® RLA program includes video lessons, practice quizzes, and test-taking strategies.  Here is a list of modules that are included in the program.

Updated for 2018

  • Introduction to RLA (Language) GED Prep
  • Tactics & Strategies-12 lessons
  • Essential Reading Comprehension-10 lessons
  • Essential Grammar and Sentence Structure-12 lessons
  • Essential Writing RLA Essay (Extended Response)-6 lessons
  • Optional Grammar-29 Lessons
  • Optional Reading Comprehension-12 Lessons
  • Optional Writing-6 Lessons

Difference between Essential and Extra lessons:

  • Essential lessons will make a significant difference in your ability to pass the GED RLA Test.
  • Extra lessons are optional; they will help you to get an even better score and get familiar with more RLA topics.


How  Covcel RLA GED Prep Works

RLA is divided into several modules that include numerous lessons designed to provide bite-sized pieces of information that are easily digestible and keep you on track.

This method adheres to Covcel ’s “principle of small steps” that helps you make and achieve short-term goals (learning each subject) as you work toward your long-term ones. This type of instruction keeps you motivated and engaged.

The GED RLA (Reasoning through Language Arts) test is divided into three primary parts: grammar, reading, and writing. Each lesson contains high-quality, informative, and clear information to get each and every point across while maintaining your interest.
One particularly useful module is entitled Reading Comprehension Tips and is chock full of important information to boost your reading comprehension in preparation for the GED test—and beyond.


Video Lessons

The Covcel lessons are designed by master teachers and Ph.D. students from Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and other top universities. We work with experts who have years of experience in preparing students for the GED Test. Our learning tech experts implement technology strategies that support accelerated learning.

Quizzes and Practice Tests

Following each lesson is a short quiz designed to test what you just learned, and following each module, there are one or more practice tests for which you can immediately review your answers, and you can retake the test as many times as you want to ensure you are ready for the actual GED test. Furthermore, with Covcel ’s full GED Prep program, you can track your progress and review past and present test answers.
The Covcel GED RLA Prep program also offers several opportunities to practice and improve your writing skills by providing stimuli and prompts.

Tips How to Write the GED Essay (Extended Response)

Finally, whereas the old GED test used to contain a separate Essay section, the current GED test includes the essay in the RLA test and has relabeled it Extended Response. The Covcel GED RLA Prep program provides considerable instruction on what to expect and how to write the best possible extended response designed to earn the maximum number of points.

From writing strategies to varying sentence length and type to understanding stimulus and prompt and to providing several examples to familiarize you with the entire process, the Covcel GED Prep program provides everything you need to craft the best possible response.

Study Plan

The Covcel GED RLA Prep program also provides a sample study plan that breaks down each module and lesson into simple, workable blocks to maximize learning and minimize feeling overwhelmed. As is the case with Covcel ’s entire program, you can customize this plan to fit your needs.

If you have more time to spend, then you can add it. If you don’t feel as though you need to study a particular module, then you can skip it. The program is designed for each student to maximize its value.

The Next Step

Deciding that it’s time to finally take the plunge and obtain your GED certificate can be a bit intimidating especially if you haven’t been in school for a while. Furthermore, given how busy many of us are, it may seem as though this is an unachievable goal. Don’t despair. Covcel ’s individualized and effective program can help you reach your goal sooner than you think.