Here are some of the reviews we got from students who have studied for the GED Test with Covcel. We hope these reviews will inspire you and you will join Covcel too.

Covcel made obtaining my GED quick and painless. I was able to get my GED completed in approximately 2 months while on unemployment. I didn’t have to worry about making it to classes and did it from the comfort of my own home- Blair Page

“This study course is wonderful; it is easy to understand, the videos really are informative. And the staff is excellent and very helpful with anything. I am more than grateful for these courses, and if not for the staff, I would have never gotten this far and passed my tests.

I highly recommend this GED Course.” Crystal.


“As someone who has done no serious learning since leaving school 12 years ago the thought of the GED test was daunting. But this course walked me through all the needed steps, without making me feel stupid. It took me 11 months but I passed all fours tests, including Math, and believe me when I say – I didn’t think it was possible!” Patricia.


I passed all  GED tests! I studied 2-4 hours every day through the whole course, I only skipped optional lessons.  It worked and I got my GED Diploma.

Thank you so much for this awesome course, which gave me self-confidence and self-esteem.  I wish all other students the same results .” Trevis

I had already taken the GED test twice without classes and didn’t pass. My biggest problem was that I’ didn’t have money and I hoped to pass the GED just like that. But it doesn’t work this way. The GED Covcel course has been the best choice I made in a long time. And it’s not that expensive. Just getting started is the hardest part. Eventually, Covcel was the key to solving my money problems, here is how it can help you too. You prepare for the test, and you go and pass the GED, then you can go and get the next thing you want to have. Tom J.
I left high school young to have my daughter and now that she is 3 I have decided to go back and finish so I can make a better life for us. I started on my own but found I couldn’t keep focused. Then I found your course, and it was nice to be working on classes that are up to date. I found it very encouraging and am happy to report that I will be ready to write my final in just a few short weeks! Sarah T.
Covcel is a real game changer, and it helped me to pass the GED test in 3 months, and I just want to say thank you for your help. Steven.
Math has always been my worst subject. I could never understand it! I passed all other GED tests, and I tried 3 times to pass the Math GED and failed 3 times. I was sure there was no way I would ever get my GED Diploma. After taking the Covcel GED course for 6 months, I started to get it. It was hard on the beginning, and I even wanted to cancel my plan, but something told me to stay and keep watching these videos. And it worked. Their small steps guidance works, and I somehow I was able to solve these short quizzes and then big quizzes, and finally, I pass the GED test. I am so thankful. Edward
The courses are brilliant. Plenty of practice tests with clear instructions and examples. I passed all my GED tests and that was thanks to the confidence gained through Covcel . Lisa.
Having access to this site really helped me earn my GED this time. I have tried before, but I’d end up giving up. I know this time around though I’m going to finish and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you and keep up the good work. Tom W.
I have been trying to get my GED for a few years. First, I bought a GED book and was very enthusiastic about the results, but it’s just not for me. I also took another course, but it made me feel dumb, I could never pass a practice test, and it didn’t allow me to take the next lessons, so I gave it up too. With the Covcel program, it is all different, it’s all explained simply, and you can always ask questions and staff people are super friendly. I waited for this solution for a long time. Brina 
I was so scared of Math but the Covcel ’s math program takes you slowly, step by step, through all the math problems and it gives you confidence. The trick is to take it slowly and repeat the lessons, even if you don’t understand it on the first try. Just watch the video again, read the lesson text and you will get it. I promise. It worked for me, and it will work for you too. Ashley.
I had studied every week with your courses for a few months until I knew I was ready.  I’m happy to report I passed all the tests.  My mother kept telling me that I can do that and she also paid for the course and the GED tests. Thanks to her and your course I can have a better future. Cynthia.
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