Mississippi GED Requirements and Online Classes

If you want to secure your GED® diploma in Mississippi, you need to take and pass the four separate modules (subtests) of the fully computerized GED exam.

The GED tests measure knowledge at the same level that may be expected of high school grads.

Mississippi GED Online Prep

The Covcel  GED program provides a full GED Preparatory Course, a highly convenient way to get all set for the Mississippi HSE (high school equivalency) fast and stress-free.

The Covcel  GED Prep Course is structured in a very easy-to-understand way that will enable you to take the four GED modules of the five HiSET or TASC subtests confidently.

All across America is the GED credential recognized and accepted in the same way as a standard high school diploma.

Mississippi High School Equivalency Testing Requirements

  • You don’t hold a high school or equivalent diploma
  • You don’t follow any other educational program
  • You are at least 18 years of age. 16 and 17 year-olds may qualify if they meet strict requirements such as having permission from their school board and parents
  • Mississippi does not require you to pass a practice test first

Registration for the GED test must be done online. Check out the GED organization’s website (GED.com) and create your personal account at the portal MyGED. Here you will be guided through the entire GED process conveniently.

This portal is also the location where you can schedule and pay for the test(s) you’re taking. You need to pay only for the module(s) you register for. The Mississippi GED exam will set you back $30 per module, or $120 for the entire battery. The TASC and HiSET are a little bit cheaper and are NOT modular.

In Mississippi, you can find numerous locations where GED preparation is offered. In early 2014, a new version of the GED test was rolled out across the nation which is totally computer-based and contains four separate modules (subtests) in these subject areas:  Math, Social Studies, Literacy, and Science. The state of Mississippi additionally uses the alternative exams HiSET and TASC for its high school equivalency (HSE) testing program. These exams have five testing fields (separate writing and reading tests) and are available in both a computerized format and on paper.

There is NO GED, TASC. or HiSET online testing! If you want to earn your HSE credential, you are required to report in person to an official testing site. Holders of the credential will definitely get better job options and the degree also opens the doors towards a college education. The passing score on each of the four GED modules is 145 on a scale that runs from 100 to 200 and you can take one at a time. Beware, though, that you need to complete the entire GED battery within a period of two years. This only counts for the GED exam. HiSET and TASC are not modular and come with their own scoring systems.

GED scoring occurs on 100-200 scale and the passing score is 145 for high school equivalency. 165 to 174 indicates a college-ready level and if you attain a score in the 175-200 category, you will additionally receive up to 20 college credits. The most recent edition of the GED test was rolled out across the nation in January 2014.

Revamping the GED exam was absolutely needed to make sure GED graduates are meeting colleges requirements again and also employers’ expectations are changed over the years. The four modules are timed in this way: Math – 135 minutes, Literacy – 155 minutes, Science – 90 minutes, and Social Studies – 70 minutes.