How long do I need to prepare to take the GED exam?

Well, that depends. You will understand that this, for example, depends on your earlier education and how much time you can dedicate to learning.

We assume you are motivated, and if you study for 3-5 times a week for about 45 minutes each time then it can take 2-3 months to get a GED® diploma. If you would learn once a week, it will take 6-9 months to get ready for the GED® test.

How to use your 3-Month Prep Course

Everyone has their own way of learning, so you might want to start with taking practice tests and learning only those topics that you got incorrect answers on. These topics are indicated at the end of the practice tests.

Or you might start by taking lessons and then taking the practice tests. It’s up to you. Keep in mind, if you discover that three months is not enough time to prepare for the GED test, you can always renew your subscription and receive a 20% discount!

How to Resume Your Learning

The lessons that you completed have blue dots next to their titles. You can easily resume your learning any time you log in to your account. To do so, click on the next lesson with a grey dot next to its name. Lessons with grey dots are the lessons that you didn’t watch yet.

How to Check Your Previous Answers

To check your previous quiz answers, go to the page “All Lessons”.

Click on the small arrow next to the name of the course. You can now see all the details about your quizzes, including your score and statistics.

How to Save Your Progress

You can save your progress in two ways.

  • If a lesson has NO quizzes you will see the button: “Mark complete” that is located under the article. Click this button to save your progress.
  • If a lesson HAS a quiz, then there will be NO “Mark complete” button. Your progress is saved when after taking a quiz, you click on the button “Click here to continue.” This button will be visible after the quiz.
  • Keep in mind that if you, after a quiz, ONLY click on the “view questions” button to check correct answers, your answers will NOT be saved.
  • So if you want to save the set of answers, after checking your answers, you should also click on the button “click here to continue”.
Save your progress- a lesson without a quiz
Save your progress-a lesson with a quiz

Where to begin with GED Prep

You should choose the subject that’s easiest for you. In general, the goal is to go through a series of small successes to develop confidence in your capabilities. We call this the principle of “small steps.”

Ask yourself: what topics are easier for me: Math, Language, Science, or Social Studies? Most people choose the Language Test as their first exam.