Group Leader Help Center

Group Management Page

On the Group Management page, you will see an indicator of seats remaining and the total of seats for the group you have currently selected, as well as a list of links to the courses associated with that Group (see Fig. 1 below). As groups change over time (seats are added, courses are added to groups, etc.), this information will be updated for quick reference.

Figure 1.

Adding Users

When you click the Users menu, you can choose between adding one user or adding multiple users.  If you select Add one, a form appears with two options:

  1. Add and invite users: Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address to add them to a group. Once you click the Add User button, an email is sent to the user based on the email message settings set up by Covcel. The user is added to the list of users in the group and they take up a seat in your group, and their status is set to Not Started. If you add a user that already exists on the site, the system will automatically assign a key, add them to the group and send the Add and invite (existing user) email. They then occupy a seat in the group just like a new user.

Removing Users from a Group

To remove users from a group, select the users you would like to remove from the Enrolled User list, and a Remove User(s)  button will appear. Click on the Remove User(s) button. You will be prompted to confirm your action.

Depending on the options set by your site administrator, you may only be able to remove group members before they have enrolled and begun their courses. Once a learner has begun completing the courses that are available in the group, or if they have completed all of the courses and their status is set to Completed, it may no longer be possible to remove them from the group.

Checking Learning Progress of Your Students

You can always check the learning progress of students in your group. To do so, click on “Reports” and then choose Progress.

Use the search field to search for a user by first name, last name, or email address. Partial matches are accepted.


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