Group Leader Help Center

Group Management Page

On the Group Management page, you will see an indicator of seats remaining and total seats for the group you have currently selected as well as a list of links to the courses associated with that Group (see Fig. 1 below).  As groups change over time (seats are added, courses are added to groups, etc.), this information will be updated for quick reference.

NEW way of Checking Learning Progress of Your Students

You can always check the learning progress of students in your group. Use the search field to search for a user by first name, last name or email address. Partial matches are accepted.

Adding Users to the Group-Method I
There are 3 ways of adding students to the group. All three methods are described below.

Method I.

    1. To add a new student, go to the Group Management page and click on the Add User button. Then a form will appear with three options:
    2. Click on: Add user
    3. The pop-up window will show up. Click: “Add and Invite User”. To Add a new student, fill up a name and email address and then click “Add user”
    4. Students will receive an invitation email with their login credentials including a password that was generated for them. It will look like this email:
    5. New students can now log in; they will have immediate access to the courses.
    6. Students can change their password by clicking on “Lost your password?” link on the login page.
Methods II-Adding Users in Bulk

Group Leaders to add users to groups, we listened to your requests and added a new interface to add users in bulk. Rather than having to add one user at a time, now Group Leaders can add multiple users from a single page. For large groups, this addition could save a lot of time.

Method III- Downloading Group Keys

To download a full list of enrollment keys to be used for manual tracking, reporting, and distribution, simply click on the Download Keys button (see Fig. 4) and you will begin downloading a CSV file. This list is the current list of unassigned keys for that group. This list is updated when the number of seats is initially set for the group and when additional users and seats are added or removed from the Group.

How to Remove Users from a Group

When logged in as a Group Leader, on the Group Management page, select the users you would like to remove from the Enrolled User list, and a Remove User(s)  button will appear. Click on the Remove User(s) button. You will be prompted to confirm your action.


Adding more seats
We can always add more seats, just send an email to and the seats will be added within 24 hours.

How do you know when a student is ready to pass a real test

Every subject course is divided into 2 parts: essential lessons and optional lessons. When a student completes the essential lessons and he/she feels confident about their knowledge, they can request GED Ready Vouchers. The GED Ready Test is a practice test that assesses student knowledge and their readiness to pass the real GED exam.

Every student from the Aetna Group has access to information about the GED Ready test on their dashboard, including instructions about redeeming the GED Ready Vouchers.

When a student passes the GED Ready test, they should schedule the real test in that subject field. Scheduling the GED Test is done online via the website.

You can always contact us at