Group Leader Help Center

Group Management Page

On the Group Management page, you will see an indicator of seats remaining and the total of seats for the group you have currently selected, as well as a list of links to the courses associated with that Group (see Fig. 1 below). As groups change over time (seats are added, courses are added to groups, etc.), this information will be updated for quick reference.

Figure 1.

Adding Users to the Group
    1. To add a new student, go to Your Group and click on the “Users” button.
    2. From the drop-down menu choose one of these options: “Add one” to add one student at a time, or “add multiple” to add two or more students at a time.
    3. The pop-up window will show up. Click: “Add and Invite User”. To add a new student, fill up the name and email address and then click “Add user”.

      1. Students receive an invitation email with their login credentials including a password that was generated for them. It will look like this email:
      2. New students can now log in; they will have immediate access to the courses.
      3. Students can change their password by clicking on “Lost your password?” link on the login page.
How to Remove Users from a Group

When logged in as a Group Leader, on the Group Management page, select the users you would like to remove from the Enrolled User list, and a Remove User(s)  button will appear. Click on the Remove User(s) button. You will be prompted to confirm your action.


Emailing Group Members

This feature enables Group Leaders to easily email all members of their group. To start, click on “Email Users” from the “Users” menu which brings up the email group members interface:


Group Leaders have the ability to email users based on their course status (Not started, In progress, and/or Completed).
Emails sent via this interface use the Group Leader’s name as the From Name, the Group Leader’s email address as the Reply-to Email, and the From Email to address your Groups. Group Leaders must a working Email address. This is to reduce the likelihood that the emails are flagged as spam. Members are sent the email via BCC, so group members will not see each others’ email addresses.

Checking Learning Progress of Your Students

You can always check the learning progress of students in your group. To do so, click on “Reports” and then choose Progress.

Use the search field to search for a user by first name, last name, or email address. Partial matches are accepted.


Student didn't receive an Invitation Email

Invitation and welcome emails sent from Covcel to students are automated.

Every recipient server is different and may apply different filtering criteria for the automated messages being received. In some cases, these messages might land in spam or promotional email folders and not be seen by a recipient.

This might lead to the situation when students claim that they didn’t receive emails from Covcel.

In the case that students can’t find an invitation email with their password, they can use the “forget password” option to reset their password. Click here to check how it works.

Keep in mind: if a student receives a message” ERROR: Invalid email address” it means his/her email address is not recognized by the Covcel system. It might be due to the typo in the email address or to a fact that a student is using a different/new email address.

If there is a typo in the email address or a student has a new address, please send a message to We will correct it.

Adding more Seats
We can always add more seats, just send an email to and the seats will be added within 24 hours.

You can always contact us at