GED® Math Shortcuts with the TI 30-XS Calculator

A new way to prep for the GED Math Test

We’ve combined the power of the TI 30-XS calculator with math shortcuts and created a coursethat guarantees you pass the GED Math Test

Are you afraid of failing the GED Math Test? Do you feel overwhelmed by Math lessons?

That’s understandable. Thousands of people don’t get their GED diploma because they feel overwhelmed and discontinue learning. As the result, they don’t pass the Math test.

We Have A Solution

Our new GED Math Shortcuts course teaches you how to pass the Math Test by effectively using the TI-30 XS scientific calculator. You WILL pass the GED Math test. Guaranteed.

It’s all about efficient results—our course is designed to help you pass the GED Math Test in only 18 study hours. So, within a week you can be ready to pass your GED Math test.

GED Math Shortcuts with a Scientific Calculator

$99 for 6 months

  • 57 Short Video Lessons in 9 Modules
  • 200 Questions with Explanations
  • Quizzes at the End of Every Module
  • 2 Math Practice Tests-Similar to the real exam
  • 2 GED Ready® Vouchers for Taking the Official Practice Test
  • 6 month of access
  • 72 hours Money-Back Guarantee
  • Content Developed by Industry-Leading Experts
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This course really works. Before I tried to pass the math test 2 times and I failed twice, after this course I got 159 points. Zack B.
How Does It Work

This course teaches you how to use the TI-30 XS calculator to answer GED Math questions and pass the Math Test.

The TI-30 XS calculator is the only calculator that you can use during the GED Math Test. Most students learn only a few basic functions and don’t know how to maximize the power of this scientific calculator. When you learn how to use this calculator, your self-esteem grows and you feel capable of overcoming the obstacles.

Do I need a calculator to participate in this course?

Yes, you need a Ti-30 XS calculator. We provide links to resources offering free access to the digital versions of the calculator.
You can also buy the handheld calculator at every Walmart, BestBuy, or on Amazon. It costs around $15.

Will you give me the scientific calculator?

We list the app and website that offer free access to the scientific calculator, Ti-30 XS, so you can start using the course right away.

If you want to have a handheld device (a physical Ti-30 XS calculator) you can buy it on

What is included in the lesson?

Every lesson has a video and a short quiz. A video shows exactly how to use the Ti-30 XS to solve the type of questions that are on the GED Math tests. A quiz under the video includes the explanation with screenshots of the calculator key press history, so you can always replicate the correct moves.

Can I bring this calculator to the test center?

Yes, you can take the handheld calculator with you to the test center. However, if you will be taking the GED Math test online, you will need to use the online version of the TI-30 XS calculator. It will be provided on-screen by GED Testing Service. The online version of the calculator provided during the test is the same as the software you can download as a trial.

Can I use a different calculator?

No, you need to use the TI 30-XS calculator. On the GED Math Test, you are allowed to use this calculator ONLY.

How long does it take to prepare for the GED Math Test?

That depends on how much time you will spend on learning. Some students are ready within a week, others need a few weeks.

Can I take the GED Math Test online?

Yes, you can take the Math Test online.

How many points can I get on the Math test after this course?

You will definitely get more than 145 points, usually, students get 155-180 points.

What is your refund policy?

If you choose to withdraw from the Math Shortcuts with a Calculator Course within 72 hours after enrollment, we will refund 100% of your fee.

Student reviews

Math is so challenging for me but Covcel has made the process easy. I pick a lesson and complete it if I want more practice I can re-watch the lesson and study what I need to know.
Diane D.
Diane D.
Being able to use the Math Shortcuts course has been a Life Saver! I can log in at any time, and get right to work. It is so easy to use and understand. The quality of learning is exceptional.
This math course is a real game-changer, it helped me to pass the math test without any problems and I just want to say thank you for your help.
Covcel Shortcuts course has made it so much easier to attain my diploma. These calculator lessons and practice tests got me thoroughly prepared for the math exam, without taking out too much time from my normal daily routines. Now I can start preparing for the university and I have Covcel to thank for it.
Covcel Math Shortcuts has been one of the fastest and easiest ways of understanding numerous topics. I really like this way of learning with the videos and step by step techniques, while also being able to take down notes on the side as you go. I have recommended Covcel prep to a few people and I will gladly do it again.

GED Math Shortcuts with a Scientific Calculator

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