GED® Math Shortcuts with the TI 30-XS Calculator

A new way to prep for the GED Math Test

We’ve combined the power of the TI 30-XS calculator with math shortcuts and created a coursethat guarantees you pass the GED Math Test

Pass or Get Your Money Back*
Minimum Time-Maximum Results
Just 7 Study Hours
Are you afraid of failing the GED Math Test? Do you feel overwhelmed by Math lessons? That’s understandable. The Math Test is the most difficult of the four GED tests. Everyone agrees that passing the GED Math Test is not easy.

Thousands of people don’t get their GED diploma because they discontinue learning and don’t pass the Math test. Hard to blame them.

But we have a solution. Our new GED Math Shortcuts course teaches you how to pass the Math Test by effectively using the TI 30-XS scientific calculator. You WILL pass the GED Math test. Guaranteed.

It’s all about efficient results—our course is designed to help you pass the GED Math Test in only 7 study hours.

How Does It Work

This course teaches you how to use the TI 30-XS calculator to answer GED Math questions and pass the Math Test.

To participate in this course, you need to have a TI 30-XS calculator. The TI 30-XS calculator is the only calculator that you can use during the GED Math Test. Most students learn only a few basic functions and don’t know how to maximize the power of this scientific calculator.

Our videos teach you how to use the calculator for every type of question. This is a short but extremely powerful course.

Everyone who took this course passed the GED Math Test. Students who failed the GED Math Test many times before passed within 3 weeks of starting this course.

This course includes

  • 70 Short Video Lessons
  • 310 Sample Math Test Questions with Explanations
  • 5 Extensive Math Practice Tests
  • 2 GED Ready® Vouchers for Taking the Official Practice Test that Resembles the Real GED Test
  • Content Developed by Industry-Leading Experts
  • GED Math Test Pass Guarantee*
Do I need to learn about Math topics?

No, you will learn how to solve Math problems using the TI 30-XS calculator. We show you Math shortcuts and strategies to solve the GED Math questions.

Can I use a different calculator?

No, you need to use the TI 30-XS calculator. On the GED Math Test, you are allowed to use this calculator ONLY.
You can buy this calculator at every Walmart, BestBuy, or on Amazon. It costs around $15.

Can I bring this calculator to the test center?

Yes, you can take this calculator with you to the test center. However, if you will be taking the GED Math test online, you will need to use the online version of the TI 30-XS calculator. It will be provided on-screen by GED Testing Service.

How long does it take to prepare for the GED Math Test?

That depends on how much time you will spend on learning. Some students are ready within a few days, others need a few weeks.

Can I take the GED Math Test online?

Yes, you can take the GED Math Test online. To be eligible for online testing you need to score “green” on the GED Ready practice test.

What is your refund policy?

If you choose to withdraw from the Math Shortcuts with a Calculator Course within 48 hours after enrollment, we will refund 100% of your tuition. After 48 hours from enrollment, no refunds will be given. Please see our terms and conditions for all the details.

What is the Pass Guarantee?

We guarantee that if you complete the GED Math Shortcuts Course, you will pass the GED Math Test. If you will not earn 145 points on the GED Math Test (the passing score), we will pay back your fee. Please see our terms and conditions for all the details.