Covcel is now Covcel (just one letter “L” at the end)

Covcel became Covcel. We lost one letter “L” at the end of our name and changed our domain to The old domain is forwarded to the new “”

All our email addresses are working; there shouldn’t be any delay with messaging us.

Why did we change a name?

It’s easier to type and avoid mistakes. In the same time, we renewed the Covcel’s GED® Prep structure and the look of our dashboard.

Important GED Test and Covcel Prep Updates

Nowadays, passing the GED® test is quite easy if your reading comprehension skills are strong.

Three GED subjects: Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science, assess mostly these skills. Math also relies on your understanding of these question types.

We updated Covcel Prep to strengthen your reading comprehension skills.

Changes include:

  • Longer lessons are divided into 2-3 shorter videos to increase comprehension
  • Quizzes and practice tests are designed to strengthen your reading comprehensions skills gradually
  • Topics optimization – Topics that are don’t often appear on the GED test are marked as “Optional”

We updated the Covcel GED prep course to make passing the GED test easier for you.

Like always, if you have any questions, let us know.