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Pass the GED Test by Studying Smarter, Not Harder

Get Skills to Pass the Test
This course is designed to teach you how to pass the GED test fast.
You learn high-impact skills in a short time.
Boost Your Confidence
Build up your confidence with active learning by taking practice tests after every lesson and tracking your progress.
Get Your Diploma Fast
With newly acquired skills, you will be able to pass the test quickly. Get ready for the GED in 3 or 6 months while learning part-time.

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Covcel GED Prep includes

  • Dynamic, visual video lessons
  • Active learning through mini-tests
  • Assessment practice tests with explanations
  • GED test-taking tactics
  • Progress tracking
  • Note Taking

Our lessons explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

Why Covcel works so well

Short, Bite-Sized Lessons Keep You Engaged And Motivated

This GED prep course includes more than 400 bite-size lessons. Each lesson ranges between 2-5 minutes and comes with a practice quiz that helps you retain the knowledge.

This approach is called “Bite-sized learning.” We deliver useful information in short video lessons and texts that can be consumed without getting bored. These lessons help to build momentum towards your learning goals and ward off procrastination.

Quizzes and Practice Tests Build Your Confidence

Our quizzes start with easy questions, and the difficulty level gradually increases. This approach helps you build your confidence by utilizing the power of compound interest.

As Einstein said — “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” Just like money in the bank, the little bit of success you achieve on practice tests is compounded over time and takes you towards greater riches. Your confidence in your abilities grows substantially.

The Powerfully Simple Progress Tracking System

Our system of progress tracking is simple and powerful. After login to your account, you have a visual representation of your progress and you know how to control it.

You can easily see that every completed lesson and quiz lead to finishing the course.
Before you know, you are ready to take the real GED test.

Helpful Note-Taking to Retain Your Knowledge

Our online classes suit a variety of learning styles and are optimized for convenience. For students who like to make notes, we have a note-taking system in place. Note-taking helps in retaining knowledge.

The Covcel system allows you to take notes that can be exported and printed.

All Lessons and Quizzes Are Available to You At Once

You are the boss and you have full control over everything, including the time you want to learn, frequency, and speed. We don’t limit your access to the lessons.


What Students Say

Covcel made obtaining my GED quick and painless. I was able to get my GED completed in approximately 2 months while on unemployment. I didn’t have to worry about making it to classes and did it from the comfort of my own home
Covcel is a great program, it has helped me get prepared to take my GED test even with years of being out of high school. I have studied hard and passed my GED Ready Practice tests on the first try and now will be taking the GED in just a few days all thanks to Covcel.
Covcel is easy to use and understand. I love the fact that I can make notes and save them on the program. Seeing my progress on each subject in the progress slider really motivates me.